Exceeding your expectations

MS Excel© Loadsheet is a spreadsheet with various macros. These macros are the heart of the Loadsheet, doing everything from drawing on-the-fly graphs of the Balance Charts for the appropriate inserted airplane model or aircraft registration to validating user input, suggesting load improvements, producing printouts in different IATA compliant or custom made formats.

Watch a demo screencast.


  • IATA standards compliant
  • JAR-EU compliant
  • AHM560/565 capable
  • Allows non-certified SITA DCS companies/fleets
  • Generates LDM loading messages
  • Allows for all kinds of C.G envelopes and fuel curves
  • Displays a balance chart with Fuel, ZFW, LAW, IZF and TOW areas/lines
  • No additional database, external source or connection required
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